Release Yourself Of All Liabilities With Certificate Of Destruction

It is highly important that all your automobiles have received the official certificate approving it to be destroyed and turned into scrap metal as issued by the driver and vehicle license agency once you feel that the cars have done their part and have made their full run.

In case you do not get your car certified, there is an excellent chance that a fine will be imposed on getting caught. Additionally, you will not even know where your old car has been put to use or which parts have been extracted from the car and to what use have they been put to. Thus the liability that you have towards your car will not end.


Consequences Of Not Getting The Certificate Can Prove To Be Fatal

Don’t get frightened but it is important that you are aware of the consequences you might face. The reality is a scary one. It might so even happen that clones or duplicates are made out of the number plates of your car, and these number plates are used in foreign countries for the execution of illegal activities. Another case that can happen is that your vehicle returned to the road by operators who are involved in doing unlawful and illicit activities and it is you who will be prosecuted or tried out once these cars have been found being involved in illegal activities.

Get Hold Of The Certificate Of Destruction And All Other Certificates Are Invalid

Thus getting hold of the certificate that gives you approval of destroying your car is an absolute must. This is because the driver and vehicle license agency will make sure that your name has been removed permanently from the database that has a collection of all the names and their corresponding information about people who are the legal owners of vehicles.

Pay A Visit To The Driving Agency For Yourself And Make All Your Doubts

The title which you are looking for should be named certificate of destruction, and any other title should never be trusted. You should not even put your trust on any other company which offers to get you a registration document to the agency from your side. The wise thing to do is to pay a visit to the office for yourself and get all your concepts cleared regarding the issue of a legal certificate for destruction.

Also, Make Sure That You Have A Proof Of Destruction Of Your Car


You might feel that the need for the certificate is not very essential and hence is not important enough to go through some much liability. But you are wrong. You need to realize how imperative and essential it is that you get the original and correct copy of the certificate, and it is also important that you keep this certificate at a secured and proper place.

Another thing that you require is written proof that will validate the fact that your vehicle has been successfully destroyed, and you hold no responsibility whatsoever to the vehicle. It might so happen that you have been responsible for paying the road tax even after your car has been turned into a scrap metal only because you have no legal documents to prove that your car no longer exists and is nothing but a scrap metal currently.

Pass The Driving Test And Get Your Driver’s License

Have you recently bought for yourself an automobile? Do you wish to get a license? Well, the first and foremost thing which you will have to do is take the driving test as organized under the Driver and vehicle licensing agency. This test is a simple mandatory one if you wish to get some legal permission with respect to respect your automobile within the boundaries of the state. This test organized by the agency is a simple one and is mainly theoretical.

The Theory Test Basically Has Two Sections In The Form Of Multiple Choice Questions And Perspective Test

Women on a road trip talking and looking very happy

The exam consists of two subdivisions. The section one only includes questions which follow the multiple choice format whereas the second section that you will be giving only consists of questions related to the various hazardous incidents that can take place on the road and your perception to tackle one. It is important that the candidate gives attempts to answer both the sections and both the exams will be taking place on the same day.

The Test Is A Relatively Simple One, And Passing Is Not Involved

This exam as set by the driving agency is a relatively simple one, and the passing of the exam is not a tough job. You can score quite some good marks on the multiple choice section if you have done quite some practice. You can make use of the various materials that are available both online as well as offline that will give you a total preparation for the test.

Get Hold Of Practice Papers

You can also get hold of these practice papers and materials from the online booking facilities as provided by the agency for the purpose of giving your depth on theory a test. It is highly crucial that you extract passing marks out of these theory papers as only then will you be a qualifying candidate for the practical test of driving.

Test Centers Will Help You To Get Familiarized

You will find that a testing center which has been established correctly and has a reputation to maintain will make sure that the candidate appearing for the driving test is familiar with the style of questions given, the format in which the theory paper is set and the corresponding answers to these issues and to ensure that they make sure that the candidate is made to practise some of the varieties of the multiple choice questions.

The test on perspectives based on hazards and accidents on the road also needs to be passed by the candidate apart from passing the section dedicated to multiple choice questions. Thus grab for yourself as many test papers as you can and give both these parts proper amount of practice and you will not only pass the exam but will do so with excellent marks.

All the various test centers out there are dedicated to reducing your stress and make the test a hassle free one as they will make you practice a lot of sample papers and similar test questions for free.

Eyesight Rules As Set By The DVLA In UK:

DVLA is known as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in the UK. They hold millions of driver records also vehicle records. When you are driving you should follow certain rules and regulations and having perfect eyesight would be advantageous. When you are driving, you should have good eyesight which is the primary requirement for safe driving. Poor vision can increase the risk of accidents. If you are unable to see well, you may not see a hazard and may not be able to respond quickly. Studies show maximum road crashes happen just because of poor driver vision. DVLA Helpline provides 24/7 support which is really helpful.


  • In the UK if you are going to drive there is a mandate rule that drivers should be able to read a car number plate from 20 meters away. Also, drivers need to inform DVLA about their vision. And they should have lenses below 6/12 which is measured on Snellen scale and on the horizontal visual field it should be less than 120°.
  • If you are driving heavy vehicles, your visual acuity should be 0.8 (6/7.5) which is measured on the Snellen scale on your best eye and at least 0.1 in the other eye based on the Snellen scale. If you are using glasses or lenses, then the corrective power should be + 8 diopters.
  • You should communicate with DVLA if you have any eyesight problems. If you don’t fall under these criteria, then also you can renew your driving license, but the license should be before 1997.
  • When you are applying 2nd time for your driving license, you have to go for eye checkup from DVSA.
  • Also, if your eyesight is not strong, then you need to wear either glasses or contact lenses.

How Often Do You Need To Check Your Eyesight If You Drive Regularly?

Eyes are the most precious gift which you have, and it plays an important role in your day to day activity. Good eyesight is very important for your daily needs, and if you are having an issue with your eyesight, you must consult experts. If you don’t have proper eyesight, you will face challenges while driving. If you have a problem, and you are unable to see things in your central or peripheral vision, this disease is known as visual field defects. If drivers have this disease, then it may lead to road crashes.

The first test which is done when you go for driving is the number plate test. You have to read a particular number plate from a particular distance. It has been seen every year during this test, millions of drivers in the UK have failed to pass. You should take proper care of your eyes. At least twice in a year, you should go for an eye checkup. If you want to get the right information you should call the helpline number of DVLA.

Vision problems are one of the most common problems which people are facing nowadays. It has been seen 74% of the total population in the UK they are either wearing glasses or lenses. Distance problem is the most common problem, and it can be seen in any age group. You must do a regular checkup of your eyes.